Elegant Shot’s New Premium Quality Wedding Presentation DVD Cases

Ayrshire Wedding Photographers making sure you’re properly presented!

The new Elegant Shot Ltd Ayrshire’s wedding photographers premium wedding DVD presentation cases are now available in Black or White faux leather. Holding two DVD/CD disks, one for the wedding DVD Photo Production and one for the wedding photos, the cases can be personalised with the photo of your choice. The premium case has a concealed magnetic catch and comes complete with matching presentation box.

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dvd presentaion case

Quality Wedding Presentation

picture of wedding dvd case

Premium Quality Double DVD Presentation Cases - faux Leather

Double presentation dvd case

Magnetic catch presentation DVD case

Elegant shot Ayrshire – photograph restoration Ayrshire

Before and after image of one of the photo restoration projects undertaken by Elegant Shot Ayrshire’s, photographers. The repair of the photograph was done using photoshop CS5 and took around 60 minutes. Notice the tread on the tyres, nice boots for a Viva!

Further photographs of weddings in the early 1900’s and general photos taken in the 80’s, also containing some wedding are being repaired and these images will appear too, once complete.

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Sample of elegant shot ayrshires image restoration

Elegant Shot Ayrshire - photograph restore

Refraction – Ayrshire Photography

Elegant shot – Ayrshire Photography

This picture was actually set up indoors. The daffodil was set just behind the droplets which were suspended from a stem placed horizontally in front of the lens. With the shallow depth of field the daffodil in the background is only recognisable by its colour; this allows the refracted droplet image stand out.

The lens used was the Canon 100mm f/2.8L Macro:

Refraction picture

Refraction of daffodils

Having a break!

The rain stopped; so I broke away from the “Old Memories” photo restoration project mentioned earlier, to take some pictures in the garden:

Taken with the Canon 100mm IS USM f/2.8L Macro:

Picture of Water droplets on a leaf: Auchinleck 13th Oct, 2011

Water droplets: Auchinleck 13th Oct, 2011

Picture of snail shell

Snail shell

Picture of water droplets on spider web

Spider Web

Ayrshire photographer – Sample Images


Our photographer took these photos at a wedding in Largs, North Ayrshire.

The picture of the couple is actually two shots merged together with the picture of the couple taken inside and superimposed onto the shot of the ferry, using photoshop.

picture/photo taken of wedding couple in largs, north ayrshire

picture of the bride and grooms wedding rings



 Wedding Rings:

This picture of the Bride & Groom wedding rings was used on the wedding album with the Elegant Shot title substituted with their first names.

The image has been edited in CS5, with the rings being masked then inverted to allow the background to be lightened and contrast reduced.  Surface blur was then added to make the wedding rings stand out.


The photo was taken in the Brisbane House Hotel, North Ayrshire.

Prince Charles at Dumfies House

An Elegant Shot Ayrshire Photographers missed opportunity!

After a few days of some pretty heavy weather, it was great to wake up to clear blue skies.  So off we went, my wife Debs and I, to Dumfries House for a walk around the estate.  We’d only just parked the Car and started walking, camera’s in hand, when about 50 meters ahead of us on the country lane,  we came across a film crew and a group of dressy visitors.  Puzzled, we took a couple of snaps, not really expecting there to be anything worth saving, but as it turns out, it was Prince Charles on walk about.

Thing was that after taking the photos from a distance, and from the other side of the bridge from where he was stood, we had to walk past him within a couple of meters to continue on our way, and we did so without even glancing his way.

picture of prince charles at dumfries house taken by elegant shot ayrshire photographers

Prince Charles at Dumfries House 26-09-2011

We actually ended up walking past the film crew, not realising Prince Charles was there!  How unimpressed & cool we must have looked!!

prince charles at dumfries house

Ayrshire Photographers – Prince Charles at Dumfries House 26-09-2011



prince charles at dumfries house picture by elegant shot ayrshire photographer

Prince Charles at Dumfries House - 26-09-2011


We walked passed where the lone suited Gentleman is standing and being more interested in the video camera being carried, HRH went unnoticed!

Talk about missed opportunities..




Woman walking dogs near dumfries house

Dog Walker at Dumfries House


Dumfries House – showing one of the extensions against blue skies.

What’s happening! at Elegant Shot Wedding Photographers Ayrshire

Elegant Shot Wedding Photography

We travelled to Brisbane Hotel, Largs for the wedding of Bill & Moira in August:

elegant shot ayrshire wedding photograph

Billy & Moira


ayrshire photographer groom preparations photo

Highland Attire

It was business as usual, early morning rise then off to the Groom’s home for shots of the preparations.





Elegant Shot Photo of Groom dressing in Kilt and Highland attire

Getting there!



True to form it was a morning of trying to remember how to don highland attire.

Nothing prepares even a Scot for this event, so it’s trial and error and for me opportunities galore for the candid shots of bewilderment.




elegant shot ayrshire photographer wedding picture

Bride & Groom

…. but it’s worth the effort!!