About Elegant Shot Services

Elegant Shot Photographic Productions

We offer High Definition DVD Photographic Productions as well as standard Definition and regular Albums and Framed Pictures and will undertake most Photographic assignments:

  1. Special occasion:
    • Birthday Partys & Night Outs
    • Engagement Parties
    • Christenings and other religious events
    • Sports days and work relating team building events
    • Wedding
      • Journalistic
      • Traditional
  2. Sports events:
    • Football and other such sports requiring a long lens
    • Track Events and Athletics
    • Extreme Sports incluing Aerial and Rock Climbing
  3. Portraiture:
    • Traditional
    • Contemporary
    • Group & Family
  4. Wildlife and Landscape:
    • Nature requiring long lenses
    • Macro
    • Pets & Livestock
    • Environmental & Farmland
  5. Photo retouching and repairs:
    • Our skilled staff are capable of breathing new life into your treasured photographs. With older film, the colours and clarity of a photo will fade over time. Extended sun exposure can also dramatically damage a photo. Our Digital artist has many years of experience restoring and retouching photos to suit each Client’s needs. Every image is manipulated manually – no batch processing is used.

2 thoughts on “About Elegant Shot Services

  1. I am having a birthday celebration and would like some photographs to be restored and enhanced, printed and backed for showing at the party, which is on 30th November. Can you give me an indication of the cost; perhaps I could come along with the photos for you to see.

    • Hi Carol, I’ve emailed. Thanks for the enquiry.

      For the purpose of the blog, the restoration would really depend on the image. As an example http://elegantshot.com/blog/?p=112 the image only required the removal of scratches, fingermarks and the colour and tones corrected and sharpening. This took approx 15 minutes including the time taken to scan the image\slide and return on disk or other media. The rates are hourly however the more images of similar quality being restored the lower the cost as the corrections (tonal & colour) will be the similar. The images could then be returned on disk or mounted. Again, thanks for the enquiry and please feel free to drop in or forward a scan of a typical image and I’ll advise on what’s involved.

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