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Focus Stacking:

The following image was created using 10 photographs:

Picture of chestnuts

Focus Stack using 10 Images


In example 1 below, the focus was on the foreground. The focus was then adjusted slightly for the remaining 9 shots, with the background being sharpest in the last shot – see example 2.

The 10 photos were then merged in Photoshop CS5 and using Auto-blend layers, a stack was created combining the sharpest points from every shot.

Example 1:

Picture of chesnut - sharp in the foreground

Foreground Sharp

Example 2:

Picture of chesnut - sharp in the background

Sharp in the background

Quite affective and very easy to achieve but a tripod is a necessity.

Refraction – Ayrshire Photography

Elegant shot – Ayrshire Photography

This picture was actually set up indoors. The daffodil was set just behind the droplets which were suspended from a stem placed horizontally in front of the lens. With the shallow depth of field the daffodil in the background is only recognisable by its colour; this allows the refracted droplet image stand out.

The lens used was the Canon 100mm f/2.8L Macro:

Refraction picture

Refraction of daffodils

Old Memories or just plain Memories – Ayrshire Photography

Image Restoration – Elegant Shot Photography Ayrshire

Spending this morning restoring some old photos from the early eighties. I got a batch of 137 slides that have been transferred into JPG  for a Client from Ardrossan, North Ayrshire, and his requirement was that the composition be improved upon, i.e. cropped, and to include the usual digital cleaning, scratch removal, dust removal etc.. All simple stuff, but the real pain is that after processing the first 30, it has now becomes tedious. I ran scripts to batch process the images, brightening, improving contrast colour and vibrancy etc., but I’m now at the stage where each image has it’s own individual flaws and therefore it’s down to the repetitive task of opening, processing, saving.. opening, processing, saving….. so best crack on!



The reason for the cropping of the images was to improve upon the composition when the images are viewed on a photo-frame.