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Dumfries House Walk:

Some landscape pictures we took on a walkabout on the estate at Dumfries House, Ayrshire:

Couple of puddles:

They just looked interesting and with the late afternoon sun catching the tree canopy above it makes quite a contrasty picture.

Prince Charles at Dumfies House

An Elegant Shot Ayrshire Photographers missed opportunity!

After a few days of some pretty heavy weather, it was great to wake up to clear blue skies.  So off we went, my wife Debs and I, to Dumfries House for a walk around the estate.  We’d only just parked the Car and started walking, camera’s in hand, when about 50 meters ahead of us on the country lane,  we came across a film crew and a group of dressy visitors.  Puzzled, we took a couple of snaps, not really expecting there to be anything worth saving, but as it turns out, it was Prince Charles on walk about.

Thing was that after taking the photos from a distance, and from the other side of the bridge from where he was stood, we had to walk past him within a couple of meters to continue on our way, and we did so without even glancing his way.

picture of prince charles at dumfries house taken by elegant shot ayrshire photographers

Prince Charles at Dumfries House 26-09-2011

We actually ended up walking past the film crew, not realising Prince Charles was there!  How unimpressed & cool we must have looked!!

prince charles at dumfries house

Ayrshire Photographers – Prince Charles at Dumfries House 26-09-2011



prince charles at dumfries house picture by elegant shot ayrshire photographer

Prince Charles at Dumfries House - 26-09-2011


We walked passed where the lone suited Gentleman is standing and being more interested in the video camera being carried, HRH went unnoticed!

Talk about missed opportunities..




Woman walking dogs near dumfries house

Dog Walker at Dumfries House


Dumfries House – showing one of the extensions against blue skies.